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Internships at Gallo

If you are a year or two from graduation, and anxious for an opportunity to polish your talents and apply the skills you’ve learned in school, an internship at Gallo can provide the perfect opportunity. Internships are available in many areas of the company that allow you to "roll up your sleeves" and apply your knowledge to real-world projects that have a direct impact on our future.

Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate Interns at Gallo work on challenging projects, while forging valuable professional relationships on which you can build an exciting future in our industry. Plus, working as part of this team is a lot of fun! Learn about the internships available for students in:

Engineering (Agricultural, Chemical, Bioengineering, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, and Mechanical)

  • Packaging Systems Engineering
  • You’ll work with experienced engineers, assisting with equipment selection, equipment start-up, equipment / package qualification, equipment and material interface, and developing and testing potential solutions for our winery bottling production lines. You’ll also learn continuous improvement techniques by implementing Lean Six Sigma processes. Many Interns have the opportunity to lead or manage a small scale project.
  • Process Technology/Engineering Internship
  • You’ll work with teams from Operations, Winemaking and Senior engineers as you help conduct practical, facility-based studies to design, optimize and conceptualize new and existing processes. Much of the work will be undertaken during the peak of the harvest season and involves a variety of winemaking processes. Interns selected for this position must possess a high degree of self motivation and discipline as well as good interpersonal skills and the ability to be self directed in the field, working with a variety of production team members.

Accounting or Finance

  • Corporate Accounting and Finance Internships
  • You’ll use your strong analytical, interpersonal and written communication skills to support our Accounting and Finance teams. You’ll learn how accounting, analysis, auditing, budgeting and forecasting has a tremendous impact in support of Winery operating groups, including sales, marketing, vineyards, production, supply chain and administration.

Operations Management

  • Inventory Control Internship
  • You’ll develop your skills handling project management analytical/statistical evaluation for low/level projects. You’ll also receive training in the use of Swisslog’s Warehouse Manager, our corporate WMS system that controls and tracks winery production, inventory and shipments. You’ll work under the wing of a senior inventory Analyst or Team Leader and assist in identifying and implementing process improvement opportunities throughout the division.
  • Bottling Internship
  • Our Cellar and Bottling departments are responsible for the blending and processing of wine to finished packaged products. In this internship, you will be working with the Technical Manager to aid in New Product introductions into the Operations facilities and work with Production, QA, and/or Corporate Engineering on package and bottling improvements.
  • Operations Research Internship
  • Interns work closely with current Lean Six Sigma teams and Research Analysts to develop analytical solutions to business problems; package and deliver solutions by creating interfaces in Excel VBA and/or MS Access; and identify improvement opportunities and initiate new projects that provide quantifiable benefit to the company

Science and Research

  • Chemistry Internship
  • Our chemistry interns participate in team projects that contribute to the improvement of our Winery’s commercial processes and wine quality. You’'ll assist in projects that help Gallo evaluate the chemical characteristics of grapes throughout their maturation process, develop rapid chemical methods to measure and monitor positive grape attributes and defects , and correlate wine Chemical characterizations with Sensory attributes to model wine aging and to determine product shelf life. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain hands on experience in an industrial research environment and increase your skill base for graduate school or future employment.
  • Enology Research Internship
  • You’ll assist in research focused on improving the winemaking process, assisting with experiments to evaluate the impact of different winemaking practices and procedures on wine quality in the laboratory and Research Winery. You’ll work in both laboratory and production environments, with significant time invested at the Gallo production facilities during harvest to benchmark production winemaking practices.
  • Research Winery Internship
  • Our Research Winery Interns assist in all aspects of research wine production focusing on daily winemaking operations from grape to bottle. You will work in the Modesto-based Research Winery, a 10-gallon scale state-of-the-art winery. This is a fast paced and challenging internship for students. Highest consideration will be given to candidates with previous experience and interest in winemaking or food processing.
  • Pilot Winery Internship
  • Our Pilot Winery Interns assist in all aspects of research wine production that are part of our daily winemaking operations. You will work in the Livingston-based Pilot Winery, a 1200-gallon scale state-of-the-art winery. This is a fast paced and challenging internship for students.
  • Molecular Biology Internship
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work in a production setting during harvest to assist in research focused on the characterization of yeast and bacteria used in the winemaking process and their impact on wine aroma and flavor. You’ll take on a wide range of research-related activities, including conducting and monitoring laboratory-scale fermentations, preparing buffers and microbiological media, microbiological plating and culturing yeast and bacteria, using molecular biological techniques to identify and characterize yeast and bacteria (PCR, gel electrophoresis, etc) and assisting in analysis of experimental data.
  • Harvest Lab Internship
  • You’ll work with our production lab and winemaking staff to execute established analysis (pH, TA, free SO2, total SO2, RS, VA, and ML) in our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. Expect to spend time sampling tanks and barrels to aid in monitoring both red and white fermentations.

Mathematics and Market Research related fields

  • Information Intelligence Internship
  • You will work closely with statisticians to provide support, in a research setting, on experimental design and sampling plans, performing statistical analyses and/or reporting statistical results. You may also have the opportunity to lead and manage a small scale project.

Winemaking, Agriculture and Viticulture

  • Viticulture Research Internships
  • Our Viticulture Research Interns participate in team projects that contribute to the improvement of the Winery’s grape growing practices and wine quality. You will work with other research groups such as Chemistry, Enology, Research Winemaking, Sensory Science and Statistics and assist in research projects focused on the impact of grape cultural practices, such as trellising systems, crop load, yield forecasting, irrigation levels, pruning methods and harvest timing on fruit and wine quality
  • Winemaking Internship
  • You’ll be a part of the on-the-floor harvest team with responsibilities ranging from supervising grape sorting to Forklift driving, Barrel preparation and filling to Sampling and Data interpretation. Interns are expected to assist in daily Crush activities or manage a portion of an ongoing project, depending on their level of experience. This is an excellent opportunity to gain hands on experience and increase your skill base for graduate school or future employment.

MBA Internships

Our 10-week MBA Internships are a magnet for some of the nation’s brightest and most talented MBA students. Here, you’ll have responsibilities similar to those of your full-time counterparts. You’ll work with cross-functional team members in areas across our business to drive significant projects for their areas. Plus, you'll interact with senior-level leaders, participate in real-world projects and take on responsibilities that have a direct impact on our future.

If you have a passion for your field of study, this is an ideal place to build on your talents and experience. Join us, and see what makes us excited about being a part of it all at Gallo.

We offer MBA internship opportunities in:

Our MBA internships offer you real-time experience and a competitive advantage once you graduate. Learn about the opportunities for MBAs at Gallo.

High School Internships

If you’re a high-achieving high school senior in the Modesto area with plans to pursue your bachelor’s degree, you can get a real head-start on your future through our High School Scholarship Internship Program.

A rotation-based program, our paid internships allow you to experience different career areas throughout our organization beginning in the summer prior to your freshman year in college. It is a great way to learn how your interests and talents can translate into an exciting career path.

It’s also a great way to earn for your future, too. At the end of the program each year, we reward our interns with a scholarship to apply to their future college plans—from $1,500 to $6,000, depending on the school you attend. At the end of your sophomore year in college, you may be able to renew your scholarship if you agree to work at Gallo if offered a job for one year upon completion of your undergraduate degree.

Certain school performance criteria apply. To learn more, and to apply, visit your high school counselor in early January.